Linking Legacies

Environment and Conservation


  • Everyone in New Zealand needs to see “The gift of Life,” the Organ Donation website.
  • The Natural Death Centre in Britain is a great source of ideas and information about simple and natural funerals.
  • Final Passages in California has a wonderfully human, heart- based website.
  • Memorial Ecosystems in South Carolina aims “to harness the funeral industry for land protection and restoration…. and to provide a less expensive and more meaningful burial option.” They also have a very comprehensive and informative website.
  • Earthartist is an informative Landscape Architectural thesis on the development and design of woodland cemeteries in Canada.
  • My Final Planner – A workbook with over 300 pages of fill-in-the-blanks on how to prepare for your own funeral.
  • Preserve your legacy of values. Find out about Ethical Wills.
  • Explore The Funeral Consumers Alliance, an American non-profit organisation which is dedicated to a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.
  • Caring for our own at death. Crossings are “renewing simplicity and sanctity at the transition time of death”.

Other interesting sites

  • The Soil and Health Association is a mine of useful inspiration.
  • The vision of The Natural Step Environment Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand is a society in balance with nature.
  • The Ecologic Foundation of New Zealand promotes “Pathways to Sustainability”.
  • Friends of the Earth International is a federation of autonomous environmental organisations from all over the world who campaign on urgent environmental and social issues.
  • An extensive source of useful links (including central and regional government and academic institutions) and other information is the Environmental Defence Society, a New Zealand-based environmental advocacy organisation.
  • ECO is New Zealand’s network of groups which share a concern for the environment.
  • Check out for a gift with a difference!
  • Celebration Forest is an American organisation which plants trees in a protected forest preserve and dedicates them in celebration of life.
  • ATLA (Appropriate Technology for Living Association Inc) aims to promote environmentally sustainable alternative technologies and healthy lifestyles.

We wish you good journeys…