The gift of life is possible through organ donation.

Approximately 400 people in New Zealand are waiting for organ transplants right now. Some of them will live long enough to receive one. If everyone who died in New Zealand last week had been able to donate a usable organ, there would no longer be a waiting list.

Living Legacies encourages people to donate organs. Please discuss this with your family and friends, and register your intention on your driver’s licence.

The organs that can be transplanted are: heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys. The tissues that can be donated are: corneas, heart valves, skin and bone. They may help someone else to live a longer or better quality life.

Check out the Organ Donation website for more information.

Donating your body for medical research.

It is possible, in some parts of the country, to donate your whole body for research and teaching purposes. This can obviously help to advance medical science and save money in funeral expenses. It is selectively available at Auckland and Otago Medical Schools and you need to contact the anatomy departments of those Institutions for more information.


Please consider these options very carefully in consultation with your loved ones, and make your wishes known.