“Creating a culture of life celebration!”

Living Legacies is a social enterprise which offers several services:

  • Family-directed Home Funerals, which provides families with step-by-step guidance and support through the process of planning, arranging and co-ordinating a funeral and the care and disposition of the body. Includes information and access to resources, practical assistance, and a range of biodegradable coffins.
  • Family-Directed Home Funerals is a holistic service supporting and assisting families who are making low-cost and environmentally sustainable funeral arrangements themselves without employing a funeral director.
  • It’s effectively a stepping stone between, on one hand, making all the plans, decisions and arrangements yourselves, which most families are unwilling or unable to do in a time of crisis, and, on the other hand, paying a funeral director a lot of money to do it all for you. More information about these options can be found here.
  • Educational services such as workshops to help you and your family prepare for the inevitable, and leave a meaningful legacy.
  • Natural burials: an advisory service for councils and other organisations who want to know how they can provide a more environmentally sustainable burial option for their clients with Natural Burial Parks.
  • Celebrancy for marriages, funerals, and civil unions.
  • The Living Library, retails books about living and dying, including the manual, “Living Legacies: A family funeral handbook for an evergreen world“, and also a range of cards.
  • Lynda Hannah also provides counselling.

Thank you for your interest in Living Legacies.
We can help you to help the Earth and your loved ones in their time of grief.